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Tại sao chọn Global Skills CTA?

Global Skills Career Transition Assistance is a 75 hour program delivered over 5 weeks to assist mature-aged job seekers to identify how to take advantage of their skills and experience when applying for jobs in the current labour market.

Our CTA Trainers tailor a program based on an in-depth understanding of your needs and an assessment of your ability to use a range of different technologies. We offer Trainers who are experienced employment services professionals who continue to receive extraordinary feedback from job seekers about their CTA experience

Làm cách nào để truy cập chương trình CTA kỹ năng toàn cầu?

To participate in CTA you must be aged 45 years and over and registered with either: Workforce Australia Services, Workforce Australia Services Online or Disability Employment Services (DES). 

Ask your provider for a referral or if you are a Workforce Australia Services Online participant, refer yourself online.

Alternatively, you can email CTA@globalskills.com.au

CTA cung cấp những dịch vụ gì?

  • Identify your existing skills and how they transfer to other jobs or industries
  • Update and tailor your CV, job applications and cover letters for the jobs you want to apply for
  • Build your skills and confidence to use every-day technologies such as computers, tablets and smart phones
  • Khám phá mục tiêu và động lực của bạn
  • Explore job opportunities in your local area, and the skills you might need for these jobs
  • Improve your skills to apply for jobs online, and to use simple technology found in different workplaces
  • Apply for jobs online and follow up job applications
  • Learn about different workplaces and industries with employer visits
  • Access hidden jobs that aren’t advertised via your Trainer and our Marketing Team
  • Develop a plan specifically for you, with steps for marketing yourself to employers and ways you can boost your chances of securing the job you want

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Autism Awareness Month 2024

Numbers from The Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that over 200,000 individuals in Australia are living with autism. For Global Skills, this information confirms the importance of creating opportunities for meaningful employment for all.

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