William Celebrates Six Months of Ongoing Employment

William recently celebrated six months of ongoing employment. He also took the time to write a heartfelt thank you for the support he received from Global Skills St Marys.

William, a Disability Employment Services (DES) job seeker, wrote, I must say, I never thought I would ever need any form of help to find employment, but as life has many ups and downs I found myself with health and age issues needing to reach out for help.

“Thanks to Global Skills and their friendly staff, in particular Laura Howard, for giving me the confidence and guidance to pursue the employment I have today.

“With our very challenging times (COVID-19) it was inspiring for me to deal with someone like Laura who is so committed and passionate towards helping people just like me.

“Thank you, Laura.”

Congratulations William and thank you for your feedback; it is much appreciated.

Well done Laura and team St Marys.

Global Skills staff work incredibly hard to support and create valuable and sustainable employment opportunities for our job seekers with disability, illness or health related conditions. For more information on Global Skills DES, go to globalskills.com.au/disability-employment-services.