Take 5 with Global Skills TtW Lake Haven team

Global Skills is incredibly proud of our diverse team of values-aligned people and invite you to meet them in our Take 5 series.

This week, we took 5 minutes to ask Employment Consultants Jess Miller, Kate Carter and Nikita Manning a few questions to help you get to know our Transition to Work (TtW) Lake Haven team.

Our TtW program provides intensive, pre-employment support for our young job seekers, connecting them with education, training, local job opportunities and relevant community services.

Q. What do you enjoy about the work you do?
A. Jess: Our young people. To watch them build skills and progress in their employment journey is really rewarding. Big achievements and smaller achievements are all a win for them.
Kate: 100% yes, I agree. Watching our young people progress, whether it’s in big steps or little steps, it makes our day.
Nikita: Yes, watching them discover who they are, gain confidence in themselves, achieve goals and start new paths in their lives is amazing to watch.

Q. What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job?
The team chose to answer this question for each other.
A. Kate: I think Jess’ best skill is her empathy. Our young people gravitate to her for her understanding guidance. She’s just great.
Jess: I think Kate’s best skill is her communications skills. She is really able to engage our young people. She’s amazing with them.   
Kate: Nikita has brought a fresh and happy atmosphere to the work place. She has also brought with her a great knowledge of the Indigenous programs available to our Indigenous clients here on the central coast.
Kate. Together we are the most amazing team. We work really well together so that’s something that we all bring to the team. We bounce off each other, we offer different points of view, we support our young people as a team.

Q. What have you learnt in previous jobs and your past experience that helps you in your current job?
A. Kate: My four years’ experience working with young people has given me the ability to just sit with them and listen. I think they need you to hear them and to be open-minded and flexible in your support.
Jess: I’ve worked with Global Skills for five years and worked in customer service before that, so I have really good people skills. I’ve learnt to communicate effectively in all situations and to relate well and build rapport with all people.
Nikita: Working with youth in the past has helped me understand what our current youth may need to help reach their future goals.

Q. Best thing about being part of the Global Skills TtW Team?
A. Kate & Jess: Our Central Coast TtW staff work together; Gosford, Wyong, The Entrance and us at Lake Haven, we are just one team. Chloe [Global Skills TtW Performance Manager] has fostered that. She has done a great job. We are such a great tightknit group.

Q. Best thing about being part of the Global Skills Team? 
A. Kate: Global Skills is one big team. The atmosphere as a company is all inclusive. I love coming to work.
Jess: Yes, and the approachability of all the staff including management. Someone is always available for you.
Nikita: I agree, it’s the culture, the team and everything Global Skills represents.