Steven’s Story: There Are Other Opportunities Out There

“I worked in Aviation for 38 years before my job was made redundant due to COVID-19. You can imagine I had many emotions. I’ve never been unemployed and at my age I was thinking what am I going to do?”

The Entrance job seeker Steven was made redundant at age 60. He joined Global Skills in October 2022, and credits the support he received with helping him “take the blinkers off and realise there are other opportunities out there in so many other fields.”

Steven recently landed a job and while not in Aviation, his new job fits perfectly with his interests and skills.

Steven’s Employment Consultant, Mel Becroft, knew that the Workforce Australia – Career Transition Assistance (CTA) course, which is designed to assist mature aged job seekers with career transition planning, would benefit Steven. Mel connected him with a local CTA provider. Steven agrees, “The biggest benefit for me is that I now have a resume that looks really good and demonstrates I can perform in other industries. It’s been a long time since I’ve needed a resume. I realised through this course and my meetings with Global Skills that I had to reframe my resume to open up new career opportunities.”

With updated job search skills and a new resume, Steven continued looking for a job. He soon saw an ad for a First Aid Officer. The role included providing First Aid at different sporting events across the Central Coast and Steven knew it would be a great fit. He just needed to complete an accredited First Aid course. Steven remembers, “I’ve always been into sport, coaching etc. and I belong to a local Surf Life Saving Club. I had all the skills and credentials needed but the ad asked for completion of a particular First Aid course. Mel referred me to a First Aid course at Global Skills The Entrance [delivered by the Central Coast Community College]……the timing was just perfect. I was able to complete the First Aid course, send the certificate through with my application and I got the job!

“I am so busy right now. I have been getting so many shifts and it’s been a good thing for me financially. It’s also been good for me mentally. I enjoy being around people and I want to work. I still have something I feel I can offer, that’s for sure.

“I can honestly say that Mel has just been fantastic. Global Skills provided me with the support I needed to be able start a new job in a completely different industry.”

Congratulations on your new job Steven. We can’t wait to see your new career develop.

Well done Mel.