Robby's Story: I Wanted to be Referred to Global Skills Again

Congratulations to Liverpool job seeker Robby on landing a new job with the support of Global Skills employment services once again.

This success story is particularly special because Robby received employment support from our team many years ago, landing his last job with Global Skills support. Robby was employed in this role for an impressive 8 years.

Robby, (28), tells his story, “Global Skills helped me to find my last job. You made it so much easier to look for and find work and were really helpful and supportive. You guys gave me much more support than I was expecting so when I found myself unemployed after 8 years, I knew I wanted to be referred to Global Skills again. You guys are the best!

“I re-joined Global Skills in March and was connected with Liverpool Employment Consultant Ruba. I was unsure what I wanted to do next and Ruba supported me to explore different avenues and industries. When I expressed my interest in getting my RSA to maybe look for a job in Hospitality, Ruba got it sorted for me right away. I gained my RSA, applied for a local Hospitality role, interviewed well and was offered the job on condition that I also gain my RCG. I asked Ruba and she organised for me to do my RCG the next day. That was 3 months ago. I am working at least 30 hours a week now and really enjoying my job.

“Being employed has improved my life a lot. I can cover my expenses and I am financially stable again. It really makes a difference.

“I am again grateful for the support I received from Global Skills. My Employment Consultant, Ruba, is very understanding and supportive. As well as organising my RCA and RCG course, she supported me with an opal card. This helps me a lot with getting to and from work as I don’t drive. I take the bus. I would definitely recommend Global Skills to anyone looking for work.”

Congratulations Robby from the entire team at Global Skills. We are grateful for the opportunity to have played a part in your success not just once, but twice.