New partnership to improve mental health outcomes for job seekers

A partnership between jobactive employment service provider, Global Skills, and mental health service, Uniting, will lead to improved outcomes for job seekers in Greater Western Sydney.

Global Skills job seekers will have access to the new telehealth service delivered by Uniting.

Global Skills Director, Rebecca Nicholls, said the new partnership, called GSPlus, aims to minimise the impact that mental health conditions on job seekers ability to find and retain employment.

“Our job seekers will be able to access a range of allied health professionals including Registered Psychologists who have experience in supporting individuals experiencing poor mental health, “she said.

“Mental health and wellbeing should be everyone’s priority and this new partnership will go a long way to minimising the impact that conditions like depression, anxiety and substance abuse have on finding and keeping a job.

“Through the provision of phone or video counselling we are making it practical and feasible for our job seekers to quickly access accredited services wherever they live.

“Uniting was chosen as our partner because of their outstanding success and common approach in delivering mental health services. Their wrap around services are exceptional.

“For several years, Global Skills has acted as the employment service Vocational Consortium provider for LikeMind Western Sydney, a service delivered by Uniting and funded by the NSW Ministry of Health which aims to provide support for adults with mental health concerns.

“We know that work and financial independence have long contributed to improving a person’s mental wellbeing, building confidence and creating change,” Ms Nicholls said.

“We look forward to seeing the positive impact the partnership will have on our job seekers and the broader community.”

GSPlus will begin on 30 March.