Nabel Shares His Excitement At Finding Full-time Work


Congratulations to Nabel Gulyna who has achieved six months employment with RideCare – a business that services and maintains rideshare vehicles.

Since arriving in Australia in 2016 as a refugee, Nabel has been determined to find full-time work to make his family proud and show his gratitude to the Australian community.

Nabel shared his story with us:

“Since I was 14 I’ve worked as a car mechanic. It’s my passion and I’ve learned to master these skills. I started out fixing radiators, then I worked as a mechanic when I moved to Lebanon and Syria .

I visited Global Skills Fairfield when I was looking for employment. I was determined to use my skills and experience in a new job in Australia to support my family.

Global Skills’ marketing team introduced me to RideCare. My work with RideCare has provided great experience and knowledge, something I missed in Lebanon and Syria as my job was very specific. My current role has broadened my horizons. 

I was so excited when I was offered the job at RideCare. My wife and children were so happy and I was so excited to tell them so they could be proud of me. 

I feel like my future has now opened up. It’s not just about having a job, it’s about improving the quality of your life, your health and giving back to your community. I hope one day to start my own business. 

I would like to thank Global Skills, as they helped me to find and secure this job. I hope they can continue their good work in order to help others like me.”