Meet our team: Vedrana Bosnic

“I love helping my job seekers because the majority are in the same position I was in 20-25 years ago”, says Global Skills Senior Consultant Vedrana who knows how it feels to start a new life in Australia. When Vedrana first arrived, her English language skills were zero.

Vedrana’s first home was in Bosnia. A country she describes as ‘beautiful’. She was born and raised there. She completed university and worked as a financial manager in a large company. She was married with two young daughters when war broke out.

In August 1995, Vedrana and her family were forced out of their home in Bosnia as a result of the Balkan War in Europe. They travelled to Serbia where they applied for a refugee visa to Australia. After a year of waiting, their visa was approved and the family came to their new home on 16 March 1996.

Vedrana says, “I am so thankful to Australia because they opened their hearts and arms and said ‘welcome.’”

“Yet, I prepared myself because I knew it would be hard for me as I had no English language skills at all and I was 39 at the time.”

“When we arrived in Australia, I was registered with Centrelink who referred me to the Adult Migrant English Service. I started from the beginning and just studied, studied, studied.”

“I didn’t do it for myself, I did it for my family. I came to this country because of my kids. I thank God they secured a better future. They both finished uni and have good jobs and that is my success too.”

Vedrana knows what it’s like to come from a non-English speaking background and start a new life in Australia, which is why she connects so well with our job seekers. Vedrana works at Global Skills Wetherill Park and has been employed with us for six years.

She says, “I love helping my job seekers because the majority are in the same position I was in 20-25 years ago. They come to a new country with limited or no language skills and I fully understand them.

“When they start employment, I am so happy and it’s not about the placement, it’s because I know what it felt like for me when I started my employment, it was for my family.”

On working for Global Skills, Verdana says, “They make me feel like I am part of the Global Skills family. I don’t have much family here, my work colleagues, they are my family.”

Vedrana is a much-valued part of Global Skills and we are honoured to have her working with us.