Meet our team: Nessrin Safkouni

“To see job seekers, who have arrived in Australia with little or no English language skills, settled into a job makes me very happy. I feel very proud of them because I know it’s not easy to move to another country and start a new life.”

Global Skills Employment Consultant Nessrin Safkouni, arrived in Australia from Lebanon 10 years ago.

She remembers, “I came to Australia to help care for my mother. I was 38, I wasn’t young. I knew four or five English words only. In the first two years I worked in the back of a bakery shop. I had worked as a Retail Accountant in Lebanon for 14 years but felt I didn’t have that choice here. I didn’t have Australian qualifications and language was a big barrier.”

Nessrin built her English skills by interacting with customers at the bakery and also attended English classes. She then decided to get the Australian qualifications she needed.

“I knew that study would help, so I enrolled into a Diploma of Retail Management. I was lucky to have a teacher who supported me for two years. She helped me enormously. I felt she believed in me and it meant so much. She still calls me to check how I am going.”

Grateful for the support she received Nessrin graduated, began working in retail but felt drawn to help others.

 “I started thinking about other migrants. I felt empathetic about their circumstances. I decided I wanted to help support them on their right path and help them find their future. I enrolled in a Diploma in Case Management. I worked in retail during the day and attended classes at night. It was stressful to work full time and study but it led me to a job I love.”

After graduating, Nessrin applied for a position at Global Skills. “I knew that being an Employment Consultant provided great opportunity to help. Being able to speak Arabic, along with English, means I can offer additional support where needed. A lot of people have emigrated from the Middle East and many can’t speak English in the beginning. It’s great to be able to translate for them on the spot.”

Nessrin works at our Blacktown office and will celebrate four years with us in June 2022.

“When you love what you are doing, you will be successful. I love working in employment services and love working at Global Skills. I feel respected by management and my co-workers. It’s like a family and everyone is ready to help with anything you need.”

Nessrin is a much-valued member of Global Skills. We are proud to have her on our team.