DES Advisory group in front of our banner

Global Skills DES Advisory Groups

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing our Disability Employment Services (DES), Global Skills facilitated two DES Advisory groups late last year. The first group met at Global Skills St Marys and the second at Global Skills Fairfield.

Job seekers who participate in Global Skills DES Advisory Groups provide input, advice and feedback to ensure our services align with their needs. The group also provides valuable insights into local community needs such as cultural, service and social needs which further informs our service delivery and partnerships.

Participant input has been instrumental in shaping our DES Action Plan for each area, reflecting the unique character of our communities.

Early this year, we will be inviting all participants to a follow-up session to reflect on the progress made and explore further refinements.

For more information on Global Skills DES Advisory groups or Disability Employment Services, please contact Global Skills Disability Employment Services Manager Victoria Wellard via email, or phone 0405 914 467.