Diversify and Meet Your Workforce Needs: Transport, Postal and Warehousing Industry

Australia’s Transport, Postal and Warehousing Industry includes a wide range of businesses and occupations and is one of our nation’s growth industries with an increasing demand for workers. With this demand predicted to intensify in coming years, Global Skills is encouraging employers to consider the inclusion of people with disability as possible employees.  

There is potential for people with disability to meet current and future industry workforce needs. According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data, 2.1 million Australians with disability are of working age and less than half are currently employed. Individuals with disability possess an array of experiences, skills, abilities and qualifications with the ability to fill a wide range of jobs across all levels. Together they make up this vast, largely untapped talent pool.

Hiring a person with a disability will benefit your business beyond meeting your workforce needs. Leading research reports people with disability are reliable and take less sick leave days. As an employer in this industry, it’s also an opportunity for you to ensure that your team best reflects the community in which it operates.

Global Skills Disability Employment Services (DES) can help your business; tap into this large and diverse talent pool, create pathways to open up jobs and diversify your workforce.

We offer a free, professional, positive and efficient recruitment service to help businesses employ people with disability. We can support you through the entire recruitment journey including providing ongoing support in the workplace for as long as it is required.

For more information on the benefits of hiring people with disability and the services we offer, go to https://www.globalskills.com.au/diversify-and-meet-your-workforce-needs