Delivering Greater Job Opportunities for Mature Aged Job Seekers

Global Skills and Maturious have come together to deliver more job opportunities for our mature age job seekers.

Join Global Skills and Mr David Tarr, the CEO and founder of Maturious, on 2 March for an online information session to learn about job opportunities in many industries with age-friendly employers.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Maturious works for you
Find out how maturious helps organisations think differently about recruitment. How they’re helping companies discover the untapped value of mature-age workers.

Age-Friendly Employers
Find out how maturious is working with the best organisations and exceptional candidates to build a qualified Talent Bank of mature age workers to meet today’s talent demands.

Maturious takes ageism and bias out of the recruitment
Find out how the maturious technology captures employment data on the whole-of-career capabilities of mature age workers that are undervalued by other recruitment models. 

Maturious Talent Community
Find out how maturious is building a qualified talent community of mature-age workers to fill and generate job opportunities with age-diverse employers.

Jobactive Partnership
Find out how maturious is collaborating with Global Skills to help more mature age jobseekers secure productive and meaningful employment in the post-COVID-19 era and beyond.

Maturious Candidate Capability Profile
Find out how maturious curates and assesses your acquired capabilities over your entire working career (Job DNA) to reflect your true employment value.

For more information or to register for this event contact your Global Skills Employment Consultant or email

About David Tarr
David is the CEO and Founder of Maturious. Maturious core purpose is to create employment for all ages by eliminating ageism and bias in talent matching and hiring practices to create equal employment opportunities for mature age women and men based on merit. David believes the mature aged workforce are fundamental drivers of our economy and will be central to the future of work. And that won’t change.

What will change are the types of jobs we do and the capabilities we need to succeed in them. He believes the future of talent and work are interdependent and companies need to urgently take more heed of the mature aged workforce and the implications for the future of work and look to develop new employment models to enable the opportunities and benefits of the mature aged workforce.