Dale’s Story: Matching Skills and Interests to a New Career

After developing Peripheral Vascular Disease, Dale faced the reality that he could no longer work in his chosen field.  With the support of Global Skills Disability Employment Services (DES) and his employer, Dale embarked on a transformative journey finding a job that perfectly matched his interests and needs.

Dale, 57, joined Global Skills Fairfield early this year and had spent his working life outdoors until he started feeling significant pain in his left leg. In 2019, he was diagnosed with Peripheral vascular disease, a circulatory condition in which narrowed blood vessels reduce blood flow to the limbs.

Dale explained how this condition has impacted his working life, “My left leg now has just 20% blood flow, so after walking about 50 metres I can’t feel it. I just feel pins and needles and at times it can be really painful. Prior to developing this condition, I was working as a Landscape Gardner. All my previous jobs have been physical labour jobs. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and, as computers and I don’t agree, labouring had been perfect for me. When I could no longer climb ladders, pull down trees or do any of the hard labour jobs I had experience in, I had to find another option. For me, there’s nothing worse than sitting at home with nothing to do.

“I am so glad I was connected with Global Skills. You guys found me a suitable job. You recommended me. You also helped me buy a new phone and new boots to ensure I had what I needed to start.”

Dale’s Employment Consultant Christine expanded, “I spoke to Dale about his interests and discovered that he was very knowledgeable about cars and spare parts. I helped him find a job that matched this interest and ensured he was able to do the tasks required of him. After a successful interview and job trial with Maher Express Tyres at Chipping Norton, Dale started as a Delivery Driver with the company on 3 July.

Expressing gratitude for the support offered by his employer, Dale added, “I average 21 hours per week and my boss is very supportive. This job offers the flexibility I need so I don’t push myself too hard.“

Fred Safadi, Managing Director of Maher Express Tyres commented, “Christine has made our experience with Global Skills easy. From organising the original interview to finalising the required paperwork, it was seamless and it’s a pleasure to have Dale work for our organisation. His commitment and punctuality combined with his prior experience and knowledge have made him an asset and a model employee.”

Congratulations Dale and thank you for generously sharing your story. Your resilience and determination is inspiring.