Congratulations to Liz Graves on 20 years at Global Skills

Liz Graves 20 years

Liz Graves joined Global Skills 20 years ago as a receptionist. She is now part of the senior management team as an Executive Performance Manager. Global Skills Director, Rebecca Nicholls celebrated this remarkable milestone congratulating Liz’s achievement.

‘On behalf of the entire Global Skills team, I would like to congratulate Liz Graves, our Executive Performance Manager on her 20-year work anniversary with Global Skills. You are an incredible asset to our business, our staff, job seekers and stakeholders. What an extraordinary achievement!’

We asked Liz to provide a personal reflection on those past 20 years:

At 17 years old, I had finished my HSC and due to my situation at the time, working was my only option. I ended up working in four jobs, however, one of the jobs led me on a path of discovery, growth and education.

Everyone’s path is different. Don’t assume you know what path you should take’

Being given the opportunity to complete a Traineeship in Business at Global Skills Blacktown was one of the best decisions I made because not only did I find a job, but I landed myself a career.

‘Grab hold of opportunities given to you’

Moving from a Receptionist through to Employment Consultant to Site / Program Manager and now an Executive Development Manager, it’s been a wild ride. Looking back on my journey, I am truly appreciative of the opportunities I have been given by Global Skills.

‘Who knows what the future may hold’

Global Skills has provided a large amount of growth opportunities to myself and fellow staff. Internal promotion is a focus through staff development and providing entry level roles for those looking to enter the Employment Services industry. I feel very proud to be a part of our staff development and company achievements

‘The sky’s the limit’

After 20 years of working for Global Skills and in Employment Services, I have seen many job seekers accomplish some amazing achievements after facing some difficult challenges in their lives. I truly love seeing others achieve and work towards their own dreams.

‘Never give up!’

Set yourself goals, keep focused and ensure you keep your mind open to trying new opportunities that may come your way. You may just find yourself on an amazing path.