Celebrating Codie on International Asperger’s Day

Today, 18 February 2022, is International Asperger’s Day. A day which aims to raise awareness, educate the general population and highlight the challenges people with Asperger’s face.

It’s also a day to celebrate the achievements of individuals living with Asperger’s.

Individuals like Codie.

Global Skills Wetherill Park job seeker Codie Bourke, 20, is living with Asperger’s. He faces communication and focus challenges that have the potential to create barriers to sustainable employment.

Codie, with the support of his DES Employment Consultant Rawan Moura, has worked hard on improving his communication and focus skills and recently celebrated 12 weeks of ongoing employment.

Codie proudly shared the story of his success.

“Before joining Global Skills, I was easily distracted by the smallest things and my communication wasn’t good. I would rarely talk to people and didn’t give direct eye contact. When it came to communicating and letting people know something was wrong at the time, I was silent. I kept it to myself.”

“Working with Rawan has shown me that I can open up to people, even if I don’t feel very comfortable doing so. I can better communicate if an issue arises or a problem occurs. It is still difficult sometimes because my Asperger’s can sometimes get the better of me, but it is reassuring to know Global Skills is a phone call away. I know I can say, ‘I’m having a problem; can you help me out’ and they do.”

In October last year, with the support of Rawan, Codie was given the opportunity to interview for a Pick Packer job at Big W Bonnyrigg. Codie continued,” Rawan let the employer know that even though I have a disability I have the skills to do the job. He also told the employer that if and when I need support Global Skills DES workers would be there to help out.

“I was invited for an interview and the next day I got an email confirming I had the job. It’s my first official job. It keeps me busy and I’m enjoying it.

“The communication strategies I worked on with Rawan have been working really well. If there’s something I don’t understand, I ask to be shown again. I haven’t been shy at all to ask for help even if I have asked many times. When my employer says, ‘You’re doing a good job’ or ‘Keep up the good work’, it gives me a sense of self-satisfaction. It helps my confidence. My communication has really improved and my eye contact with my employer is better.

“I really appreciate the support given by Rawan and the DES team. Every time they call me and ask if I need assistance, it shows me they care. Knowing I have their support actually gives me a sense of assurance and security.”

Congratulations on your ongoing employment Codie.

If you are a job seeker living with a disability, whether its Asperger’s or another condition, our DES team can support you into meaningful and sustainable employment. For more information go to https://www.globalskills.com.au/disability-employment-services/

For more information on Asperger’s go to https://aspergersvic.org.au/