Aimee’s Story: I Did Not Expect to Be Part of the Workforce Again

“I love my job and I’m just so excited to be where I am right now. I did not expect to be part of the workforce again.”

Today we are sharing the inspiring story of Aimee, who, with the support of Global Skills and her employer Vinnies, has triumphed over mental ill-health and found her way back to the workforce. 

Aimee, 47, joined Global Skills The Entrance in July last year. For more than 20 years, Aimee had grappled with anxiety and depression that made it seem almost impossible to re-enter the workforce. Aimee explains, “I have 4 kids, the youngest is 13 and I wanted to return to work but, with my mental health, I felt that I just couldn’t get back out there again. I tried to keep myself busy with helping in my kids schools and I did a bit of study but it just wasn’t making me happy. I just kept going further into a hole and then I joined Global Skills.

“When I first joined Global Skills, every time I went to my appointment, I was crying with anxiety. My Employment Consultant Mel supported me to work through it. She was amazing. In fact, everyone at Global Skills The Entrance was amazing. They all knew who I was and what I was trying to achieve and made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. That was huge. I’m so grateful to Jen [Global Skills WFD/Community Engagement Officer] too. She worked so hard to help me into this job.

“Global Skills and Vinnies supported me through Work for the Dole (WFD) and that has been life changing for me. All the support that I was given, the confidence I have built, everything about WFD has been great even though to begin was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

“I’m now in a paid position at Vinnies The Entrance and I love my job. I am a supervisor, a 2IC. I make sure everybody is doing what they need to do and if they need any help, I am there for them. I also feel like I can now give back a little. I can help our clients and have empathy for them at the same time because I can understand where they are. My supervisor Angelique is just the greatest. She taught me everything I needed to know and supported me to successfully interview for my job. She is awesome. 

“Every day I come home from work and say ‘I’ve just had the best day.’ My kids are so proud of me. They are seeing me in a new light. I’m getting out there again, excited and loving life. I can’t wait for my shift tomorrow.”

Congratulations Aimee from the entire team at Global Skills. Your story is a wonderful example of resilience, and we couldn’t be prouder to have played a part in your remarkable journey to employment. Thank you for generously sharing your story.