Adam’s Story: Work for the Dole Helped Me Gain Much Needed Confidence and Land a Job

Congratulations to Lake Haven job seeker Adam who has recently achieved his 12 week employment milestone after gaining valuable skills from participating in a Workforce Australia Work for the Dole program coordinated by Global Skills. 

We recently caught up with Adam who explained how the support he received from Global Skills and our Work for the Dole Host, St Vincent De Paul, helped him gain much needed confidence, a wider support network and ultimately, a job.

Adam said, “My confidence never really developed when I was younger. I was born with Hirschsprung’s disease and spent most of my childhood in hospital. I never really had much of a chance to socialise. Through Work for the Dole, Global Skills provided me the opportunity to develop my confidence, expand my skills and, I think most importantly for me, provided a new support network. I know if I need someone to talk to I’ve now got at least a dozen more people who are just a phone call away and we catch up in person at least a couple of times a month.” 

On nearing completion of his Work for the Dole activity at St Vincent De Paul Wyong, Adam was given the opportunity to apply for a job at their Toukley store which is a shorter commute from Adam’s home. Global Skills WFD/Community Engagement Officer Jennifer added, “We supported Adam to update his resume and send in his application and he was soon given an interview date. The day of his interview, I visited him onsite to help him prepare for the interview. I was amazed at how much his confidence had grown. He aced the interview and started the day after completing his time in Work for the Dole.”

Cluster Manager at St Vincent de Paul Wyong Tash Payne, commented, “Volunteers like Adam stand out because of their positive attitude and determination to be the best they can be. We love being able to give positive recognition for a job well done on the Central Coast, and we have been able to offer ongoing employment opportunities to some of our top-performing volunteers. Adam is a great example of volunteer success with Vinnies!”

Due to this success, Adam was keen to encourage anyone thinking of participating in Work for the Dole to, “Go for it! It gives you a chance to get out there and learn new skill and to develop your skills interacting with others with people who are happy to help. You might find a job, you might even find a new support network.”

Adam is loving his job, making new friends and expressed gratitude for the tailored support he received from Global Skills. He said, “Global Skills was very focussed on treating me as an individual and providing support that catered to my needs. My Employment Consultant Racheal, was always there for emotional support. She also helped with an Opal Card to cover my public transport costs. I am very thankful for the support I received.”

Congratulations Adam from the entire team at Global Skills and thank you for generously sharing your story. 

If you would like more information about Global Skills Work for the Dole program speak to your Employment Consultant. If you are a local charity or not for profit organisation and would like to act as a host for volunteer workers, contact our Work for the Dole Team Jennifer on 0434 496 405 or Suzana on 0410 209 956.