500 Jobs in 50 Days 2021

Global Skills’ 500 JOBS in 50 DAYS campaign is aimed at energising the local post-pandemic economy by placing 500 job seekers into sustainable employment, over the next 50 days.

We have thousands of candidates who are highly skilled, motivated and keen to work – many of whom have been displaced due to the pandemic.

If you are an employer hiring across the Greater Sydney and Blue Mountains region, we can offer you a professional, positive and efficient recruitment service at no cost.

If an employer hires one of our job seekers, we offer support to cover training, tools or equipment they may need as part of that role. We also offer on-going support to ensure the job gets off to a positive start until you no longer need our assistance.

Did you know that you may also be eligible for significant financial incentives to employ a job seeker? Eligible employers can receive up to $10,000 over six months if they hire a person who has been long-term unemployed. In most cases this would be a significant contribution to the cost of employing a new staff member.

At Global Skills, we believe 500 job placements in 50 days is achievable with your support.

Join our 500 JOBS in 50 DAYS campaign by lodging your vacancy HERE and we will be in touch ASAP.

Thank you for making a world of difference and supporting our local communities get back on track post COVID lockdown.

For further information on how we support employers, go to globalskills.com.au/employers