About Us

Our story

Global Skills (Teldraw Pty Ltd) was established in 1990 to provide job seekers and employers in Western Sydney with quality training and employment support services. With 30 years’ experience Global Skills has quickly and successfully built a reputation as a strong performing and reputable employment service provider across 2 core services including jobactive and Disability Employment Services (ESS). Global Skills now operates from 18 locations across the Greater Western Sydney and South Western Sydney regions. Global Skills is one of  the longest standing, continuous employment service providers in the Greater Western Sydney region since the commencement of contracted employment services in 1998.

We pride ourselves on assisting job seekers and businesses to meet their goals through the provision of targeted employer and industry programs and tailored support and career advice for our job seekers. Over the past 25 years, our long standing management team have built strong connections to the local community and have developed a reputation of being responsive and collaborative.

As a contracted provider of the Department of Employment and Department of Social Services employment services system, Global Skills provide job seekers with a range of support services and programs including tailored job seeking skills training, on and off the job mentoring and counselling as a pathway to sustainable employment. Global Skills also provides a free, comprehensive recruitment service to small, medium and large employers, which extend to the development of employer and industry led initiatives to meet workforce demands across the Greater Sydney Region.

Global Skills Mission, Vision and Values

Global Skills’ mission is to deliver innovative employment services that make the ‘world of difference’ for our community.

Global Skills’ vision is to become an industry leader in delivering high quality, collaborative and innovative employment service programs.  

Global Skills values:

  1. Integrity – Delivering high quality, compliant and transparent services for our stakeholders
  2. Collaboration – Delivering services through strategic stakeholder partnerships that achieve sustainable outcomes for job seekers, employers and the wider community
  3. Innovation – Driving better practice through the pursuit of unique labour market activities
  4. Empowerment – Creating an environment that cultivates opportunities