World Sight Day 2023

Today, 12 October 2023, is World Sight Day. Since the year 2000, The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) has coordinated World Sight Day, choosing a different theme as an area of focus for advocacy and awareness.

Global Skills is proud to support IAPD in promoting this year’s theme, ‘Love Your Eyes at Work’ which highlights the importance of eye care in the workplace.

No matter where you are or what job you do, it is important to prioritise and protect your eye health at work. This includes everything from avoiding accidents in the workplace, which are too often caused by or lead to poor vision, to productivity, which is greatly improved when the eye health of workers is a made priority.

To initiate and support ‘Love Your Eyes at Work’, IAPB has created resources to ensure that employers and employees can look after their eye health in the workplace.​​ The resources are available for download at: