Virtual Employer Event: Warehousing and Logistics Industry

Looking for a stable job in a growing sector?

A job in the Warehousing and Logistics industry may be right for you.

Warehousing and Logistics roles make sure the right goods get to the right place in the safest, most efficient way and right now, employees are in high demand.

What is Warehousing?
Warehousing is the storage of goods before they are distributed. The warehousing part of a business includes unloading, receiving and checking inbound goods, storage, order picking and handling returns.

What is Logistics?
Logistics is about the flow of goods and materials in to, and out of a warehouse. Logistics covers transportation, internal movement, inventory and anything else that goes into controlling the movement of goods to a destination.

Some of the more common warehousing and logistics jobs are:

Forklift Driver
Also known as: Forklift Operator or Fork Truck Operator.

Forklift operators drive forklifts to shift and stack bales, cartons, containers, crates and pallets of goods in areas such as warehouses. A Forklift Operator must have a High-Risk Work Licence with the forklift class. Employers look for Forklift Drivers who are reliable, work well in a team and are hardworking. For more information on what this role entails go to

Also known as: Stores Assistant or Warehouse Assistant.

Storepersons receive, handle and despatch goods coming into or going out of stores or warehouses. Employers look for Storepersons who are hardworking, with a strong work ethic and are trustworthy, responsible and reliable. For more information on what this role entails go to

Freight and Furniture Handler

Freight and Handlers need to be physically fit as they are involved with moving furniture or parcels within the warehouse and loading dock, including stocking areas and retrieving racks. They are also involved with loading goods into trucks, containers and rail wagons, and securing loads. Employers look for Freight and Furniture Handlers who are physically fit, reliable, polite and courteous. For more information on what this role entails go to

Global Skills has invited Civil Training Australia and Staff Australia to deliver with our team an online employer event on Thursday the 16th December, at 10am, for all Global Skills job seekers.

Employer representatives, Damian and Michael will explain and share job opportunities for our job seekers across Greater Sydney including roles in Warehousing and Logistics such as pick packer, forklift driver and storeperson.

To join, Global Skills registered job seekers can speak to their Employment Consultant or email