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Global Skills SkillUp Series Part 2: Short Courses

Are you a job seeker looking to expand your employment opportunities? Have you explored the benefits of undertaking a short course?

Global Skills is committed to helping you succeed on your employment journey. One of the ways we support job seekers like you is to offer valuable skill-building opportunities. If you are looking for a streamlined and effective means to build skills, Global Skills can assist you in choosing and accessing a suitable short course and provide support throughout your learning.

Whether you are looking to upskill or explore new career paths there are many benefits to undertaking a short course. These include:

  • Relevant skills: By undertaking a short course, you can develop in-demand skills that align with current industry needs, giving you an edge in the local job market.
  • Bridge skills gaps: If you switching careers or need to learn new skills, short courses help bridge those gaps quickly and efficiently.
  • Save time: Short courses are focussed and don’t require a long-term commitment, so you can gain valuable skills in less time.
  • Expand your network: You’ll meet professionals in the field you are studying, which can lead to job connections and valuable contacts.
  • Demonstrate continuous learning: Employers like to see that you’re committed to learning. Short courses demonstrate your dedication.
  • Stand out in job applications: Listing relevant short courses on your resume makes you stand out and shows you have the skills employers need.
  • Boost confidence: Short courses not only provide you with new skills but also boost your confidence which can positively impact your job interviews.

By undertaking a short course, you can build industry relevant skills, bridge skills gaps, save time, expand your network, demonstrate continuous learning, stand out in job applications and boost your confidence.

If you would like support to explore or access a short course, please speak with your Global Skills Employment Consultant.