Nizar with refugee week logo

Refugee Week 2021: Syrian refugee Nizar shares his story

It is Refugee Week and the theme for 2021 is Unity. To acknowledge the contribution refugees make to our community we are sharing the story of Syrian refugee, Nizar, who came to Australia in 2018 with his wife and two childen.
In recognition of Refugee Week 2021, we caught up with Nizar who has kindly shared his journey to employment with the support of Global Skills and The Bread & Butter Project. The Project is Australia’s first social enterprise bakery, supporting asylum seekers and refugees by providing training and employment pathways to boost their prospects of successful resettlement, and future employment opportunities.
From Nizar:
“My English was very weak so when I came to Global Skills they encouraged me to complete a number of courses in English at TAFE. They assisted in helping me obtain some work licences and suggested the Bread & Butter Project.

The great thing about the Project is that we are all refugees, we are all strangers and come from all over the world. However, we all got along together and loved the work we were doing.

Following Bread & Butter, Global Skills found me a role as a baker in a national grocery store in the bakery section where I have been working for the past 2 years.
Although I used to be an engineer and teacher in Syria, I enjoy my work as a baker – not only for the financial independence but because I am now part of the community and I have the chance to improve my English.
My family is happy that I am working even though I am over 60 years old – sitting at home was not beneficial for my health. When I began working my mental health and wellbeing greatly improved and I felt like I was part of my new community.
I recommend that others also seek help from Global Skills as the employment consultants are helping job seekers to improve their wellbeing through working.
I want to thank everyone at Global skills as they encouraged me and made me feel cared for.”
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