National Workforce Network launched

National Workforce Network

A six-way partnership of leading employment service providers across Australia has been formed to ease the recruitment stress on large businesses.

The National Workforce Network (NWN), officially launched this month, represents the first collaboration of its kind in the Australian employment services industry.

NWN spokesperson,  Mr Michael Wasley, said the network has been built from “extremely strong local and regional foundations” incorporating more than 100 employment services offices across mainland states.

“Through this unique partnership we can best respond to the employment needs of large businesses right across Australia,” Mr Wasley said “Businesses and organisations with operations in multiple states are faced with dealing with a myriad of employment service providers for each jurisdiction.

“The National Workforce Network eliminates this complexity for business – and it’s free.

“We provide a central, single solution that utilises on-the-ground local expertise. As such, we can deliver a streamlined national response at no cost to employers seeking to fill unskilled and semiskilled labour positions.”

The NWN is made up of six current government funded employment service providers – Communicare, Global Skills, MatchWorks, Maxima Group, QITE and Workskil Australia.

Each provider has strong representation in one or more states and is a successful operator in its own right. Combined, the sextet currently provides the NWN with over 100,000 candidates for business employment requirements.

While the NWN provides the full range of employment services across industry sectors, one area of particular focus is Indigenous employment as businesses seek to meet workforce diversity targets.

Traditionally, employment service providers assist smaller employers in their local area for recruitment services, not having the size or candidate pool to adequately service national and large employers across the country.

As such, the NWN represents a major shake up to the competitive national employment services landscape with businesses and job seekers all standing to benefit.

Industry associations have also offered their support behind the NWN.

“Teaming with leading associations allows us to pro-actively develop industry-based responses to better service employers,” Mr Wasley said.

“It is through innovative approaches to employment services that businesses can reach their full potential and more people can find meaningful work.

“In the near future we aim to increase membership of the National Workforce Network to expand the expertise, resources and candidate pool even further.”

For more information contact Michael Wasley, spokesperson for the National Workforce Network on 0419 754 648.