Meet our team: Valerie Giang

“I hadn’t planned to work in Employment Services Iong-term but I have never looked back. After 22 years in the Employment Services industry, I have gained extensive knowledge. I still enjoy every single moment of my job. I have never thought about leaving.

“The qualifications I gained all those years ago are beneficial to my role plus I can support our Vietnamese speaking job seekers and employers with my extra skills. I can translate Vietnamese.”

Twenty-two years ago, Global Skills Senior Work Retention Officer, Valerie Giang graduated a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance. While job searching, she came across an ad for an Employment Consultant. She was attracted to the ethos of supporting people into employment and applied. Valerie explained, “I went for an interview then got offered a job as an Employment Consultant. I didn’t know I would enjoy the job so much that I would stay long-term.”

After initially gaining an Employment Consultant role, Valerie said her skills and qualifications led her to a Work Retention position, a role she has filled for 13 years.

“I moved from Employment Consulting to Work Retention in 2009, working in claims,” said Valerie. “I loved my Employment Consultant role but my skills led me to claims and I love this role too. It’s very rewarding to help a job seeker obtain and keep a job. You see them gaining employment and they are still there 26 weeks later. The wage subsidy helps small businesses to cover initial costs and train employees. It gives job seekers the opportunity to gain a job and learn new skills. It is often life-changing for them.”

Valerie immigrated to Australia, with her family, when she was 14 years old. She remembers, “I came to Australia with no English language skills. I didn’t know a word of English and it was difficult. I attended English language classes for the first six months I was here then enrolled into year seven at school. Other students who spoke English and Vietnamese helped me in the classroom and I worked hard to build my skills. I enjoy speaking both languages. I work with our Cabramatta office and many of our clients and employers need Vietnamese interpretation services. I am able to translate for them when needed.”

On working with Global Skills, Valerie said, “It’s a very friendly, supportive environment where everyone is treated with respect. The management are always there to support you where needed. Staff are appreciated and there are lots of opportunities for further training and promotion. I love Global Skills.”

Valerie is a much-valued member of Global Skills. We are proud to have her on our team.