Global Skills Sponsors Fundraiser for Morisset Scouts

Global Skills was a proud sponsor at last Saturday’s trivia night to raise much needed funds for 1st Byattunga Scout Group, Morisset.

The trivia night is an annual tradition and a major fundraiser for the group. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 social restrictions, the group’s fundraising ability has been severely impacted over the past two years.

Byattunga group leader Rick Gomez said, “This year, the theme was ‘Australian Icons’ and it was a really successful night. We had about 100 people in attendance, which is almost up to our pre-COVID numbers of 120–140. Funds were raised through a combination of trivia rounds, games, raffles and a silent auction. While we don’t yet have the final amount tallied, we raised about $5,500. It was our best ever trivia night in regards to funds raised. Having an extra sponsor in Global Skills certainly helped our tally.”

1st Byattunga Scout Group has a long history of supporting young people, aged 6–26, develop new skills and leadership qualities through fun outdoor activities. The majority of the funds raised on Saturday will go towards equipment needed for these activities.

Rick said, “We will use a small amount of the funds raised for the upkeep of the Scout Hall. The bulk of the money we raised will be spent on equipment for the kids to use. We take them camping, canoeing, kayaking and engage them in other outdoor activities that help them build valuable skills.”

It is a privilege for Global Skills to have the opportunity to support youth development in the Lake Macquarie area ahead of our new service delivery on the coast.

From1 July, Global Skills will deliver Transition to Work (TtW) and Workforce Australia services from four Central Coast sites including Lake Haven, Wyong, The Entrance and Gosford.

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