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Global Skills’ Collaboration with MECA Continues

Global Skills is pleased to continue our collaboration with Mount Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency (MECA) to deliver a three-session employment program across various schools.

On 12 March, our Disability Community Engagement Consultant Michelle and DES Program Manager Victoria kicked off the first of our 2024 sessions at Plumpton High School.

From discussing resume best practices to navigating the complexities of online interactions, the session was packed with invaluable insights and practical job search advice for a group of 17 students currently in year 9.

On completion of the workshop, Michelle commented, “The workshop fostered active engagement from all participants. Each young person was supported in creating a personalised resume, ready for use in applying for casual positions or saving for future full-time employment endeavours upon finishing school.”

Global Skills is committed to equipping young people with essential skills for future employment opportunities and thank MECA for the opportunity to participate in this program, which helps create a wraparound service for local young people.