Employer Spotlight: Green Leaf Early Learning Centre

When Green Leaf Early Learning Centre Director Smrity Paul is looking for staff, her first call is always to Global Skills Regional Marketing Coordinator Ven Panicker.

“I find Global Skills really helpful, especially Ven. He finds staff that are suitable for my vacant position every time. He does a great job. Ven also keeps in regular contact with me throughout the recruitment process. It’s very reassuring,” said Smrity.

Green Leaf Early Learning Centre is a successful childcare centre providing quality care and education for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old. The Centre is based in Constitution Hill.

The centre has a long history of successfully recruiting jobs seekers recommended by Global Skills. Smrity confirmed, “We have a number of team members, recruited through Global Skills, who have been with us long-term. Depending on the role, they may not need to have childcare experience but an interest in working with children. If they have the initiative to learn, we have lots of resources and educators to help train them. Often my staff start with no experience. They learn here and that opens up other opportunities for them. Seeing that makes me feel really good. I am proud that our team of educators reflect Australia’s diverse culture.”

Smrity recently employed three new staff members through Global Skills Disability Employment Services (DES).

One of the newest employees, Theodora, was interviewing for a cleaning position with the centre, when she was offered a role as a support teacher instead.

Smrity confirmed, “We created a job for her. I first interviewed Theodora as a cleaner, then during the interview I could see she was very interested in the children as well. She is now employed as one of our support teachers.”

Theodora said, “I come from a cleaning background and was so pleased to be given this opportunity. I love my job caring for the little ones. I play with them and generally just care for them. It’s wonderful working with Children. If I can make a little one smile throughout the day, it makes my day.”

When asked if she had any advice for other employers looking to fill vacant positions, Smrity said, “Consider hiring people with disability. If you find the right person for the job and they have the right support, the rewards are endless.”

A big thank you to Green Leaf Early Learning Centre for continuing to entrust Global Skills with your recruitment.

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