DES Job Seeker Mina, reaches an important milestone

Today we celebrate International Day of People with Disability.

Global Skills proudly recognises the meaningful contribution to our workforce from all employees living with a disability.

Employees like Mina.

With the support of our Disability Employment Services (DES) team and his employer, DJM Wood in Riverstone, Mina has successfully completed six months of a cabinet making apprenticeship.

Mina Sargious, 30, who is living with Autism told us, “It’s the first time in my whole entire life I’ve completed six months in a job.”

Mina has a passion for cabinet making and was studying furniture making at TAFE when DES Employment Consultant, Scott Morton, contacted DJM Wood business owner, Anthony Teuma.

Mina remembers, “Scott spoke to the boss and said, ‘I have a job seeker, Mina, who is studying Furniture Making at TAFE but doesn’t have an apprenticeship.’ The boss said he’d take me on.”

In February 2021, Mina began his apprenticeship and says, “I love everything about my job. It’s my dream, all of it together, every single part of it. I started to like this trade when I was a kid. My grandpa had the same trade in Sudan and my uncle does the same job in the UK. I’ve tried other jobs but this is the best one for me.”

Scott has continued to provide close workplace support for Mina and DJM Wood, including assistance with communication and job modifications.

Mina says, “Scott came out and we fixed a few things with how we work. The boss, Anthony, is willing to work with me throughout all these procedures. He works with my disability.

“I have trouble learning some things, so Scott said, ‘Get your phone out and video record it, you can repeatedly watch it whenever you want and it will help you remember tasks and processes.’ It worked for me. Scott’s 100% helpful.”

On behalf of everyone at DJM Wood, Director Kristina Teuma commented, “Mina is a true delight to have with us at DJM and the support we get from Global Skills has helped everyone involved.”

Congratulations Mina for reaching six months employment. Thank you, Anthony and DJM Wood for working with Mina and Scott to ensure a successful outcome. Best wishes to Mina and DJM for the future.