Celebrating Jeremy: International Asperger's Day 2023

Saturday 18 February, is International Asperger’s Day, an opportune time for Global Skills to promote and celebrate neurodiversity in the workplace.

Today, we’d like to celebrate Jeremy, just one of our neurodiverse job seekers.

Jeremy, 23, lives with Asperger’s (now included under the umbrella of autism spectrum disorder) and ADHD and has sustained employment since 1 July 2021. Jeremy attributes his employment success to: giving 100% in his role, the support he receives from Global Skills, employer support and a particular aspect of his job that suits his unique needs.

Jeremy joined Global Skills St Marys Disability Employment Services (DES) in January 2020 and says his biggest challenge to finding employment was confidence and landing a job in which he would feel secure.

Our DES team worked together with Jeremy to increase confidence and went in search of a suitable role. They found one at Ventia – an inclusive employer which provides specialist cleaning services to industry, government and commercial businesses.

Our team knew the cleaning position would be perfect for Jeremy due to the repetitive nature of the job. Jeremy confirms, “With me having Aspergers and ADHD, having a job that is repetitive day in and day out is perfect. It’s just something I clicked into. I’m in a routine of doing this task, then this, then this. It’s the same every day. There are plenty of people who will be different to me but I love the repetitiveness of it. It’s a job which allows me to keep my routines. Nothing really changes, there is the slightest of changes, but not enough to send me into a full panic.”

Jeremy appreciates the ongoing support provided to him by Global Skills, saying, “Global Skills provides just that ear if something does go wrong and advice to help lift me up when I’m basically in shambles. I’ve always turned to Global Skills as basically a guiding light. Essentially you’ve been there for me both physically and mentally. There’s no other way I can thank you guys other than constantly giving you praise.”

When asked his advice for employers looking to hire, Jeremy said, “My one piece of advice for employers is to keep an open mind. We are all different. We each have our own limits but also strengths. In this job, my Aspergers is a benefit to the employer as other people may not enjoy a job that is so repetitive, yet I love it.”

Jeremy’s advice for other neurodiverse job seekers is, “Don’t give up looking for a job. It may take time but never give up on it. Look for what you enjoy, what your strengths are and if you get into a job just give it as much as you can.”

Congratulations on sustaining employment Jeremy and thank you for sharing your story.