Business employs 11 Global Skills' job seekers

Aaron McNay

Over the next few months Liverpool City Council residents will see an increased number of workers out and about retrieving the Council’s old garbage bins. 


Aaron McNay, from MGB A & D Solutions, has recently hired 11 Global Skills’ job seekers from several of our offices to collect bins ready for recycling.


“We will be collecting between 1800 and 3000 bins each day up until mid July. It is part of the Council’s planned upgrade for all bins in the area,” Aaron said. 


Requiring a team of strong, committed and reliable employees, Aaron turned to Global Skills to assist with this bulk recruitment.


“Global Skills appeared across a number of locations online so I thought I would contact them to see if they could help. I was immediately put in contact with Steve Mascari, Global Skills Employer Broker.


“The quality of the candidates that Steve sent through were outstanding. They were all vetted before I met them and everyone who has come through Global Skills is very enthusiastic. The whole service is free.


“As a sole trader I don’t have a lot of time. Global Skills has made recruitment for this project fast and simple.”


To learn more about Global Skills’ workforce planning solutions please click here.