Becky's journey to employment started when she connected with Global Skills

becky at Coles Windsor
“When they offered me a job it took my breath away. I cried in front of all the Managers. I’d proved to them and to myself that I could do it, after years of being told that I would not become anything!”
At 36, Becky Watson suddenly found herself a single mum of four children. “When I arrived back to Australia in 2016 my resume was empty. Completely blank. I had no experience, no qualifications and no confidence,” she said.

“My friend Natalie said ‘Go to Global Skills and meet with Amanda and Tara.’ It was the best thing I ever did.

“I am so grateful. They enrolled me in a number of courses, prepared me for interviews and showed me how to dress for work and interviews and how to apply for jobs. 

“I was shy and nervous and had a habit of looking down when I talked to people. So, with Tara and Amanda’s support, I started practicing how to talk more confidently to people.

“As part of my job plan I applied for 20 jobs a month but I did not have any luck. Amanda arranged for me to be put into contact with my local Coles.

“At the end of the first two weeks the Manager called me into his office and there were a lot of other Section Managers I had worked with over the two weeks with him. 

“They offered me a gift card, chocolates and a job.” 

Now working in the bakery at Coles Windsor, Becky has been with the company for almost two years. “I love it. It is a great company to work for, safe, nice and there are lots of opportunities. I can see myself working for Coles for a long time. 

“My Mum died before I started work. She never saw me in the job but she knew I was on my way. She would be so proud of me.” 

Becky can’t believe the change in herself and her family since she left Pakistan. 

“We are making a new life here. Two of my children are working, two are still at school. They have a lot of drive and determination. Hopefully I have inspired them in some way. And it is all because of Global Skills.” 

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