Angelica’s Story: “Stay Persistent and Remain Confident”

“Stay persistent and remain confident that you will find a good job, it’s for your future and for that of your children,” said Global Skills job seeker, Angelica Adrias.

Angelica joined Global Skills Mt Druitt in November 2019, with over 10 years’ experience as an Insurance Broker. She worked with a company in Bondi, prior to having children, but was worried about finding work. “Because I lacked an actual degree, I was worried about possible employers believing I was not qualified for the role, and because I had been working many years in the insurance broking industry that was also a concern, that some employers would feel I was overqualified,” Angelica explained.

Like many single parents Angelica faced additional challenges in finding suitable work. She needed to secure part time work with the flexibility of working within school hours and lacked recent experience. “It was many years since I had actually been working and I lacked experience,” Angelica said, “But I was happy to find any role to enter the workforce again.”

In April this year, Global Skills Senior Employment Consultant Chyanne Kaczorowski referred Angelica to a part time position with ‘Access Industries,’ which included the flexibility she needs. Angelica secured the role.

Angelica says the role, currently on hold due to COVID lockdown, meets her needs. “The role at ‘Access Industries’ is a fundraising telemarketing role, and the hours of work started from 9am to 1pm which allows me to pick up my daughter and niece from school in the afternoons. I even had Friday off so was able to spend some quality time with my daughter.”

During lockdown, Angelica is concentrating on home-schooling her daughter and has some sound advice for single parents looking for work, “Returning to the workforce definitely won’t be easy, but nothing of value really comes easily. Stay persistent and remain confident that you will find a good job, it’s for your future and for that of your children.”

As for her experience with Global Skills, Angelica said, “My experience with Global Skills was fantastic. Chyanne was very thoughtful, supportive and quick to respond to any queries I had.”

Thank you for sharing your story with us Angelica. Congratulations on remaining confident and persisting until you secured a role that meets your needs.