Amanda’s Story: Global Skills Found the Perfect Employee for Us

When Amanda needed someone to fill her position while she was on maternity leave, she wanted to ensure her role was in good hands.

Amanda Chadban and her husband run Get Pronto, a transportation company in Penrith. This time last year, Amanda contacted Global Skills for help to recruit the right person for the role. She explained that the business was the couple’s baby, so they wanted to find the right person to maintain their business revenue and productivity.  

Amanda remembers, “We called Global Skills and told them we wanted someone who would fill my maternity leave position and wanted to continue with us full-time when I returned.”

Amanda Olsen, Global Skills Senior Employment Consultant at Windsor thought job seeker Sarah would be a good fit for the role.

After a successful interview, Sarah was offered the job.

Amanda remembers the recruitment process, “Amanda Olsen made the recruitment process really easy. She was a great support, extremely helpful and very nice. She found the perfect employee for us.”

Since then, Global Skills has helped Sarah obtain a forklift licence and other tools needed for the job.

We recently caught up with Amanda, from Get Pronto to see how everything was going. She said, “My child is now one and Sarah is still working for us. We are very happy with Sarah. She has been driving a ute for us and is now being upskilled to drive a truck.”

Global Skills are proud to have over 30 years of experience as a successful employment services provider. Few understand the local job market like we do, and it’s that experience which allows us to make exactly the right decisions concerning employer requirements.

Our Employment Consultants life and industry experience in the workforce combined with relevant qualifications, are well placed to understand employer requirements.

Congratulations Sarah and thank you Get Pronto for entrusting us with your recruitment.

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