500 jobs in 50 Days

500 jobs in 50 Days

In early November we launched a campaign inviting businesses to help us place 500 job seekers in 50 days. As 2020 has been a challenging year for many and the impact of COVID-19 has seen the number of unemployed reach record highs.

We’re committed to changing that.

If you are an employer and you plan to employ a new staff member over the next few weeks we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

We have thousands of candidates who are highly skilled, motivated and keen to work – many of whom have been displaced due to COVID-19.

There are a number of Federal Government incentives to support businesses looking to employ people. In some cases, employers will be eligible to receive $10,000 over six months – paid in two lump sums. Our Consultants can advise you if you are eligible – they are only a phone call away.

We can also help with employer related training and work clothes for successful job seekers.

We hope you will join us in changing the lives of people who have been deeply impacted by this year’s unprecedented circumstances.

Please lodge any vacancy here and we will be in touch ASAP or contact one of our offices.

Thank you for making a world of difference.