टैग: नियोक्ता

Diversify and Meet Your Workforce Needs

For current and future workforce needs, Global Skills Disability Employment Services (DES) can help your business access a large and diverse talent pool that is significantly under-represented in the Australian labour market.

Exhibit for Free at the South Western Sydney Jobs Fair

This a great opportunity to promote your positions vacant directly to job seekers in the South Western Sydney local area. Connect with job seekers face-to-face, take applications or conduct interviews and hire suitable people on the day.

अमांडा की कहानी: वैश्विक कौशल हमारे लिए सही कर्मचारी पाया

जब अमांडा को मातृत्व अवकाश पर रहते हुए अपनी स्थिति को भरने के लिए किसी की जरूरत थी, तो वह यह सुनिश्चित करना चाहती थी कि उसकी भूमिका अच्छे हाथों में हो ।