Early School Leaver Begins Traineeship

“Transition to Work was a lifesaver.”

Jesse Gibbes, 15, was disengaged from school. He remembers, ‘Just going there and mucking around a bit.”

Jesse, along with his mum, attended a meeting with his school’s Vice Principal to discuss options. Following the meeting Jesse was connected to the Workforce Australia – Transition to Work (TtW) program. He later joined Global Skills’ The Entrance office when our TtW program launched on the Central Coast. In the space of a few short weeks, Jesse has commenced a 2-year Concreting Traineeship.

Jesse mentioned he had been undertaking some unpaid Concreting work experience with Lay Crete Constructions. Although he’d started a Cert II in Construction, Jesse wanted a more formal qualification, like an Apprenticeship, in Concreting.

“I really wanted to gain qualifications in Concreting. It’s hard work but I enjoy it. I like the pour days the best. When you actually pour the concrete and take all the boards off, it’s fast paced. Everyone is running around trying to get as much done as they can,” confirmed Jesse.

While Apprenticeships in Concreting are not available, Jesse’s Employment Consultant, Renee, identified a 2-year Traineeship with a local RTO – Construction Trade Qualifications (CTQ) on the Central Coast. She reached out to Lay Crete Constructions to pitch the idea of Jesse undertaking a paid 2-year Traineeship with them, supported by CTQ. Just a few days later, Jesse commenced work and hasn’t looked back.

Jess affirmed, “I enjoy working and I have to be more responsible now I’m at work. I think it will enable me to grow and mature in something I love. I find learning easier on the job. I’m paying attention, I understand it and I feel like I’m the top of the class. It’s a lot more interesting when you enjoy what you are doing.”

When asked about his experience with Global Skills Jesse said, “Global Skills is really helpful. You did a great job. Renee found me the Traineeship and helped me into something I enjoy doing.”

Congratulations Jesse and thanks to Lay Crete Constructions and CTQ.