Global Skills Employment Consultant Natalia Youkhana works at our Campbelltown office and has been with Global Skills for close to two years. Natalia was recently awarded the Bright Star Award at our annual awards night in December 2021.

Natalia sees her role as, “Assisting people who require that additional support to find employment. Our aim is to get everyone into employment. We consider what support is needed in order for each of our clients to gain sustainable employment and assist them with solutions to achieve this. I take the time to get to know each job seeker. This builds trust and willingness to share.”

Natalia said she always wanted a career that involved helping people, but her knowledge of roles was limited. “When I stated my Business Administration Traineeship in Employment Services, it opened so many doors for me. I realised, this is the industry I want to stay in because you see the genuine difference and impact your support has on clients.”

Crediting her diverse upbringing with her ability to relate to our wide range of clients, Natalia said, “I had a very diverse upbringing. We moved a lot. I was fortunate to experience many cultures. I have a very open mind. Being of Assyrian and Greek heritage, I speak both languages conversationally. I also speak a little Serbian. I think my upbringing allows me to really relate to my clients.”

On working with Global Skills, Natalia said, “I love working with Global Skills because there is genuine appreciation and care within the company. There’s a jump in, team work, all hands on deck sort of mentality across the organisation. There are also opportunities to progress, which is really important to me.

“It’s also important to me to keep learning. I am currently studying for my Diploma of Mental Health (Drug and Alcohol) online. My goal is to finish this course sometime next year.”

Natalia is a much-valued member of Global Skills and we are proud to have her on our team. Congratulations Natalia on your recent award.

Meet our team: Natalia Youkhana