Jamie’s Story: I Can Easily Commute To My Workplace

Gaining his driver’s licence opened new opportunities for Jamie, including a position in an area he would have previously struggled to access via public transport.

Jamie, 28, joined Global Skills Wetherill Park in June last year and was connected with his Employment Consultant, Farzana. With Farzana’s support, Jamie identified his existing skills and interests, and worked to increase confidence and employment opportunities. One of the pivotal supports provided by Global Skills was 6 driving lessons through our partnership with L Trent Driving School, which assisted Jamie to obtain his licence.

Having his driver’s licence unlocked new employment possibilities in Jamie’s desired industry and Global Skills soon facilitated an interview with one of our employers, further supporting Jamie with clothes to wear to his interview. Jamie successfully secured the position and started work in May 2024. He now drives to a workplace that would be challenging for him to reach via public transport—involving multiple train and bus changes, taking three times longer than driving.

Jamie recently contacted Farzana, expressing his thanks for the support he received, “Global Skills assisted me in obtaining my driver’s licence by arranging driving lessons for me with L Trent driving school. They also arranged a job opportunity for me. Because I have my licence and access to a car I can easily commute to my workplace. This will enable me to maintain my employment which has significantly improved my daily life. I’m grateful to Global Skills for their support. Thank you.”

Congratulations Jamie, from the entire team at Global Skills. We are pleased to be part of your employment journey.

(Note: Name changed for privacy reasons)